Every business needs customers. But before they become customers, they need to know that you exist. 

We will help your business become a local celebrity to your ideal customers that they can dream of non other than you. 

facebook ads

You don't need to strain.
We will build, manage and optimize paid advertising strategies for you on
Facebook, Instagram & Messenger to get you customers EFFORTLESSLY.

landing pages and website optimization

We will design and optimize your website, turning your web pages into a lead and a revenue generating machine.


We will build and implement ad strategies that will help your business rapidly increase customer volumes by escalating brand awareness and lead generation thus driving in more revenue through
Google PPC and YouTube


Power your marketing team
We offer marketing consultation and training to corporate.

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Our clients say

"I will greatly recommend Emerald Marketing Agency for online marketing campaigns for the good service and value for money. They have a friendly personality and offered great results as we got some good leads from the campaigns they ran."
I had problems when it came to digital marketing but working with emerald marketing agency was a dream come true to my company, from the way they handled us and unto the many leads that we acquired within a short period of time. My company is experiencing a high percentage increase each month. Thank you emerald
Debrah moige
Impeccable services, exquisite and hands on customer service and you will never be disappointed with the end results. Businesses should try this marketing agency, the test of the pudding is in the eating.
Anytime I will always recommend Emerald Marketing Agency. Their services are the best. Test them and you will see your business double the profits.
Digital Marketer

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